Vision, Mission & Goals

Committed to educating and nurturing all students so they may grow towards responsible global citizenship.


By 2024, VMC shall be center for hollistic development of world-class human resources through the provisions of value-laden quality trainings and excellent educational programs in Region XII.


VMC shall produce highly skilled, morally upright and globally competitive graduates who can contriubute to nation-building through the provision of quality skills training and relevant education, vigorous research and development activities, updated facilities, functional staff development program and effective college governance.


To attain the above vision and mission, the following goals shall be pursued:

  • Offer curricular programs, technical/vocational and professional, that are relevant and responsive to the needs of time.
  • Enhance research and development capability to harness the intellectual capability and creativity of the faculty and students.
  • Enhance human resource development to hone and upgrade the competence and skills of the faculty and staff in instruction, research, extension, and production.
  • Strengthen college-community-industry relations for functional linkages towards greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Pursue effective college governance to ascertain that the school moves forward and attain its vision as center of holistic development of human resources.